Brand New Transformational Novel From Jeneth

“Free Novel For Super-Acheiving Women Out To Change The World

Jeneth Blackert

From Jeneth Blackert
Austin, TX

Dear Super Woman (yes - you!),

If you'd like to be truly abundant and change the world, like you say you want to, this will be the most important book you can read.

And by the way,

Yes! It Really Is FREE!

But before we go any further, let me make something abundantly clear:

This isn't one of those CHEEZY special reports that gives you boring tips.

Here is the deal.

The story I tell in this free book is a transformational journey of a warrior woman just like you and me -- well she was a AVERAGE and NORMAL in the beginning -- I know it can help you understand why you try to be less than you really are.

And I want you to know this is not a how-to book that's guaranteed to change you.

I don't know what change is possible, I hope a ton, but it's likely that you will just have a very enjoyable fun read.

With that said -- let me tell you more!

falling in stilettos jeneth blackert

Here's Exactly What You Will Receive

First of all, this isn't like any book you've ever read. This is like the Celestine Prophecy meets Shopaholic!

And it's FUNNY!

At 241 pages, you won't be disappointed. And you'll immediately "receive" the perspective and methodolgy I use to take private clients into being truly adundant, fast.

Even though it's chic lit,

It's MORE Than Just A Novel.

See, you can use the same system in this free book to sell all kinds of high end products and services.

Take what happened to my client Kendall for example...

We applied these tools to build her medical private practice and as she says it didn't just change her business -- it CHANGED her entire life.

And then a reader Michelle told me that it had such a strong character that she felt moved to take action on her relationship (she got engaged two weeks ago).

Then last month, in my inner circle, Sarah told us she's being and feeling more like a warrior woman every day!

So like I said, it's a little more than a novel.

Here's a piece of what you are receiving...

  • What if you woke up and your life wasn't as you remembered? It's all starts on page 1.
  • How to come out of mixed emotions and incongruency so you can fall into true self clarity with ease. Page 19.
  • What to do when your heroine is rattled and everything seems like a big mess of rain and mud! Page 27.
  • How to be and allow the energy and space of greater possibility instead of stopped in your limited points of views. Page 57.
  • A way to fall into you, to know you and be you with greater, ease, and clarity especially when everything has been turned upside down. Page 70.
  • How to be with emotional and energetic frequencies like fear, insecurity, regret and urgency so you can be more alive and present . Page 84.
  • How to experience life where every step is your first step. Page 86.
  • How to eliminate the silly roles you pretend to be for others -- so you can really choose. Page 96.
  • How to stop the mental chatter and start creating wealth for awareness and possibility. Page 105.
  • Secrets to deliberate creation. What it means and feels like when you are in flow and how to get in the flow faster. Page 117.
  • The art of focused attention and presence. And how to be in and with conflict without it impacting and twisting your emotions. Page 124.
  • The difference between surrender, being out of control, and being controlled by emotions. Page 135.
  • Coming into self trust and really knowing what's true for you so you can choose from that space instead of from a false state of defense. Page 135.
  • Understanding and expanding into greater possibility. Sometimes we forget to follow the energy and instead we find ourselves creating judgment and limiting conclusionss. Page 144.
  • Why it's so important to acknowledge and even celebrate you and what you choose -- you may be waiting for validation from others and that can invalidate the true beauty of you. Page 156.
  • Say goodbye to blah and boring! It's time to harness you true turn-on factor and be alive. Page 169.
  • Uncovering your harmonics, frequencies and resonance to the oneness of the world. We spend so much of our lives creating separation -- isn't it time to expand to a space of greater being and oneness in the world?
  • A new method to creating greater change. And how questions open doors of possibility. Page 179.
  • What's possible when you fall into the love of you and the love of others? Page 190.
  • What if you'd stop judgment? What's possible that you don't even know? Page 195.

You're right if you are thinking this is in a chic-lit novel. Yup - it is a lot of new wealth principles and shifts that are awakening the world right now. It's also a funny, easy read that allows you to fall into more of the real, authentic and raw YOU.

And it gets even better than that -- you also receive

A Surprise Twist

At the end of this book, you won't just feel different, you will BE different. This book is embedded stories that drop into your subconscious - it can change you.

You'll experience an essence of ease and freedom.

You start to perceive and be more aware of harmonic frequencies within you and others.

And the best part is the freedom to just ask and receive in each moment.

Specifically Designed For Women Who Love Transformational Romantic Comedies

Look. If you love romantic comedies like Pretty Woman and the tv-show Friends, you'll love this novel.

I spent years formulating this story with a strong warrior woman - just like you so you could transform with joy and ease.

When you read it, a least two things will happen.

First, you'll be filled with a deeper level of self empowerment and joy.

This is really important because when you are empowered others follow your lead and you change them.

Then you'll notice:

You'll BE Changed!

And it will happen with ease. You won't have to force yourself to convince yourself or anyone of anything!

Because the principles in this book are simple and transformational.

It's created by using a combination of advanced Access Consciousness principles and a new approach I call "BE-ology" that connects and communicates deeply with others!

Yes. You connect to others by simply being in your own certainty and what I like to call the 'Knower'.

It continues to expand in potency each year and I'm so excited to give you the little introduction.

Here's What To Do NOW

Like I said, the book is free. All I ask is you cover the postage and materials of $6.80.

We are sending in the United States. If you're out of the country, there is a small extra fee.

Your book will be shipped within 2-3 days.

You can expect to get it within two weeks - and you'll get the PDF right away.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...


I know there are some websites out that stick you with a monthly fee - when you pay for shipping it is just for that.

There's NO hidden "costs or continuity program"

I'm giving you the entire novel, for free, as a way to introduce you to various principles that changed my life.

My hope is that you'll LOVE these principles, and they will change your life like they did mine.

AND with all that said, there is ONE thing to know:

It's NOW Time

Let me tell you why.

I have 1,000 copies of this book on hand. They are packaged and ready to be shipped.

In all likelihood, they'll go FAST!


Because my companies (New Wealth Experience, Jeneth, Change Agency Inc) have a combined 67,500 happy customers and subscribers who are hearing about this now.

And the last time I released my previous Seven Dragons book, 5,243 copies were sold.

So - like I said you'll want to take action now.

Oh, by the way --

You are going to receive a brand new video experience where I show you this new approach of being with this communication and connection methodology called be-ology.

Freedom is your Choice

Now this is very different from personal development and other transformational novels. The methodology in this book opens possibility, freedom, and connection like nothing I've ever used or seen before.

In fact, the average person can have three to six shifts within a 45 minutes session.

And that's why, I've made a full-blown system around this approach and I'm giving you an hour-long preview to show you how it changes your limiting beliefs and emotional traumas.

It's the real deal! It's an in-depth webinar where you get to experience be-ology LIVE with me - Jeneth Blackert!

You Are Receiving The Novel And My Brand-New Be-Ology Approach For A Small Shipping Cost Of $6.80

Supplies are extremely limited and you need to claim it now. Once they are gone - they are gone.

The Big Guarantee

I guarantee you'll love this book and the video training or I'll return your $6.80 postage fee and let you keep the book.

That's right. You don't even have to return it. Just email me with the same email you used when you purchased.

How's that for awesome?

This Is A Limited Special
Claim Your Copy Now

Send Me The Book

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter! I look forward to knowing more about you!

Jeneth Blackert

P.S. If you just skip to the ps instead of reading every single word, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you a 241 page transformational, romantic comedy novel that demonstrates the principles I use from Access Consciousness and the be-ology connection methodology for emotional/energy change.

The book is free, and all you pay is the shipping of $6.80 - no strings.

On top of all that, I'm also giving you a live webinar training with me that takes you through the be-ology advantage.

This is a very different and brand new approach designed to create emotional/energetic freedom and oneness.

This is an extremely limited offer because we have a limited number of physical copies.

There are no tricks, strings or catches... this is about you enjoying a chic lit novel that takes you on a journey of change.

And if you don't like it and you think I wasted your time, I'll even give you your money back. You don't even need to return the book.

Claim your copy now - I know you'll like it.